Other Services

1) Tailor-made Service

At Bokai Travel, either the city tours or the itinerary tours are carefully selected to cover all the major attractions and historical sights in China. But they still may not suit your need or wish. So we can also tailor-make whatever your itinerary or programme is in China.

2) Other Services that We Provide

•     We handle hotel booking as we contract many hotels of various categories in China with competitive rates due to our good 
      partnership discount with them.
•     We provide flight booking service for both domestic and international flights in China with the real time ticketing system.
•     We also provide transfer services in all the major cities.
•     We can arrange guide or interpreter service at your request.
•     We also newly provide motorhome hire or rental service in Beijing and some other cities in China.  NEW !

3) Travel Agency or Partnership in China

Due to our team's over 23 years experience and expertise, we are fully qualified to act as any tour operator or travel company's agent and partner  - we provide prompt liaison service, competitive prices, smooth and reliable operations...so that the China business is ensured of a success!

Should you be interested in any of the above services, please feel free to let us know your inquiry or request. We would always be happy to help you to our best!